Where Am I

It's said that Albert Einstein built his theory of relativity based on that simple question, thereby redefining our understanding of reality. While most discussions of physics are over my head, I've borrowed Mr. Einstein's question and built a few realities of my own.

What if . . . you were a tough, smart starship captain hunted by governments and mercenaries alike because of what you’d seen as a prisoner of war?

What if . . . you pretended to be a demure xenobiologist, quietly going about her work each day, while concealing a secret that could destroy governments?

What if . . .you were a bounty hunter with an assignment that's about to detonate in her face?

And what if, in every single case, the one person with the power to redeem or destroy you is the astute, magnetic, sexy man standing square in your path?

Welcome aboard. Welcome aboard. Begin your journey here.



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